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Recording Studio Design

Building a high-end, state-of-the-art recording studio is a dream come true for many musicians and producers. Whether you want to build a home recording studio or a full-fledged professional recording studio, we will help you make it the best.
We follow an extensive requirement gathering and implementation process to ensure that our clients enjoy the best in class quality and experience. We suggest studio design and recording equipment to fit your budget. In the past few years, we’ve helped several musicians and producers create their dream projects across India. We’ve successfully delivered many complex professional home recording studio projects.
Need Analysis

We consider factors such as property dimensions, applications, budget, sound-producing and mixing needs. We sit with our customers to understand even the smallest technical & creative requirement. We analyze our customer’s application needs and musical sensibilities to suggest the best acoustic and soundproofing design. You tell us what you need, and we will make sure you get the best recording and mixing facility for your needs.


The expenses involved in building a recording studio involves factors such as civil work, soundproofing, audio monitoring system, acoustic treatment, and more. We carefully analyze and consider every cost consuming aspect to provide an effective cost proposal. We make sure that you spend only on the right set of components while ensuring you are well informed about the equipment and design of the studio.

Pre-construction Testing

We visit the site and inspect all the factors that influence the audio quality of your custom recording studio. Our consultants assess and identify potential problems to minimize potential project risks that might arise in the future. We test Noise levels, Reverberation time, Low-frequency modal behaviour of the room, and other critical factors that influence the sound quality. Based on the test insights, we neutralize the studio for the best audio reproduction.

Sound Isolation/Soundproofing Design

Your surroundings are filled with noise. You could have the most expensive recording equipment in the market but your audience might still feel that your recording environment is not conducive to produce the best output. To produce professional-quality audio, you need a set up to noise free recording environment and avoid external sound from being recorded. We recommend only the finest quality, and high STC rated soundproof materials. We build an acoustically reliable and noise-free environment for you to create, record and produce music tracks. We design soundproof wall partitions, floating floor, acoustically decoupled ceilings, and other noise blocking equipment.

Acoustical Design

We offer customized acoustical solutions to transform your studio space into a truly world-class recording and mixing facility. We help you with every aspect of acoustic design – starting from suggesting the best room ratios to calibrating your monitoring system, and everything in between. We provide 3D designs to show you how your room will look even before materializing it—giving you a chance to request potential changes when they can be easily accommodated. Being recording engineers ourselves, we use the best in class software and acoustic products.

Audio System Layout Design

We provide scientifically accurate drawings which act as a foundation for executing the plan. We measure every inch of the studio space to calculate the placement of studio monitors, engineer and producer’s seating, equipment rack, visual displays, air-conditioning, electrical and lighting equipment.

Soundproofing & Acoustical Construction

Next, we put the soundproofing and acoustic plan into action. We isolate and acoustically treat the walls, ceiling, and floor based on the report insights. We convert the room with bare surfaces to a well-balanced, sonically pleasant space with technically accurate material placement.

Audio-Visual System Installation & Calibration

Professional audio installation and calibration will make your studio Monitoring systems sound better. We use high-resolution acoustic measurements coupled with rigorous calibration processes to optimize your multichannel Dolby atmos or stereo monitoring system.Our approach follows industry standards and best practices from our previous Professional Recording Studio installations. We undertake everything from simple systems with an audio interface coupled with stereo monitors to fully blown immersive audio setup with multi subs.

If you’re looking to build a brand-new home recording studio or a professional-grade recording studio, think no further. We will be your valued recording studio design partner.
We undertake Audio Recording/ Mixing Studio Projects in Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Punjab including in cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Vadodara, Delhi, Ludhiana & Chandigarh.

Our Projects

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